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Why Choose Dr. Smiler?

As one of the first oral surgeons to establish an international implant courses and the implant team concept, Dr. Smiler has been teaching implant dentistry and bone grafting for over 30 years. He trains doctors from around the world on how to perform implant surgery with the most effective treatment plans and modern implants. Combining his many years of experience with a state-of-the-art facility and qualified team of implant specialists has been the key to the successful treatment of thousands of satisfied and happy patients.

Who Makes up the In-House IMPLANT TEAM?

Oral Surgeon, the Restorative Dentist, and the Laboratory Specialist 

The implant team consists of the surgeon (Dr. Smiler) who coordinates treatment with the experienced restorative dentist (Dr. Rosen) who has the special skills required to digitally scan and design the implant supported prosthesis. The in-house laboratory technician uses advanced computer technology milling equipment to fabricate what the dentist has designed.


What sets our team apart from most dental offices is that each patient gets the combined skill of the team using the most advanced digital technology to provide the best result.

About Dr. Smiler

Dr. Smiler grew up in Westchester, California. He graduated dental school from the University of Pennsylvania. Following his service in the Army Dental Corp during the Viet-Nam era, he continued his education at Boston University, Graduate School of Dentistry, earning a Master of Science degree.  Following an internship and residency in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Roosevelt Hospital in New York, he returned to his roots in Southern California establishing his oral surgery practice.

Dr. Smiler has published numerous articles in dental professional literature and contributed to periodicals and textbooks. He lectures extensively and participates in symposiums both domestically and internationally at universities, academy meetings and implant conferences.  He is considered among the finest and most popular teachers of implant dentistry in the world.

Dr. Rosen & Dr. Smiler
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